Starlight Travel is a new travel agency that has entered the Polish tourism market with the experienced employees. Though the company was just founded at the end of 2017, it benefits from the know-how of the Green House agency, the owner and operator of VisitSlovenia.pl. This portal has been promoting the tourism values of Slovenia for almost a decade now and thanks to individual contracts with partners, it also offers attractive accommodation and packages at a good price.

The offer of the VisitSlovenia.pl portal includes apartments along the charming Slovenian coast, private accommodation in the Slovenian Alps, rooms in vineyards and various forms of accommodation at one of the largest Slovenian tourist attractions – thermal baths. The regular offer includes accommodation in more than 50 hotels in Slovenia. The offer of Starlight Travel includes accommodation packages for both individual clients as well as travel agencies. So far the portal employees have organized accommodation in Slovenia for several thousand individual tourists and several dozen organized groups.

Thanks to partnership agreements and perfect knowledge of the country, we are able to guarantee the best conditions and attractions for our clients.

The experience of our agency includes also the organization of stays for companies and organized groups. Among our clients you can find B/S/H.

In addition, the agency’s employees successfully assist Polish local governments and private companies with establishing business relations with their Slovenian counterparts. For example, in 2017 they were the initiators of the cooperation agreement between the seaside Municipality of Międzyzdroje and Isola, its Slovenian counterpart, initialed in the presence of Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland.

The same year, the love for Slovenia, its inhabitants and stunning nature allowed us to expand the offer for winter trips. Slovenia guarantees well-equipped Alpine ski resorts, with the added value of being close to ski resorts in Italy and Austria. For this purpose, the Starlight Travel travel agency was founded and the new portal www.skifunpoland.pl was built. Thanks to both of them, in four easy steps, you can find and book a room in over 600 hotels, apartment houses and cottages as well as over 150 ski resorts in France, Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

Our agency is registered in the Register of Tourism Organizers and Intermediaries in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship under the number 325 and it owns the insurance guarantee required by law.

Certificate of the insurance guarantee

Register of Tourism Organizers and Intermediaries List

You are kindly invited to contact us: info@starlight-travel.pl